[2016] New Year Resolution

Early this year I told someone that I was not much of a short-term planner, which, in my own words, meant “I could tell you what I would become in the next five years, but not what I would do tomorrow.” At the time the phrase just popped inside my head and appeared to be a good joke, and the person I spoke to seemed to share this opinion too.

I eventually took a good look at what I said and boy, that was exactly what was wrong with my approach to planning. So in 2015 I began creating, maintaining and following to-do lists using tools like Wunderlist and such. But later on it dawned on me that my medium-term goals were still missing and there was yet no tool to make sure one would commit to these medium-term goals (apart from pen and paper, of course). Also, in my world medium-term usually means about one year. Hence this post, since what reflects the idea of one-year goals better than New-Year resolutions ?

This year, I also read somewhere that making your goals public tend to hold you accountable and therefore improve the odds that you might actually achieve those goals, as long as it does not make you pretend they are somehow already achieved in your head. I also learned that for communication purposes (both towards myself and towards other people), it’s always good to have a condensed, possibly one-sentenced version, as well as a long version with more details.

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